lørdag den 29. december 2012

After Christmas

Some last fun, before christmas.

lørdag den 8. december 2012

Bigger Dog.

Well known fact of life ;-)

lørdag den 17. november 2012


Just something I had to do, after listening to the Fall damage podcast, at splitkick.com

søndag den 26. august 2012

Dragon pet sketch

Just a random drawing/sketch, but i think i might do something with it ;-)

onsdag den 1. august 2012

Worms fun.

Random Worm fun, its weird how hard work flow can turn out bad, and easy going can be the best.

tirsdag den 24. juli 2012

Seven Bear - Fanart

One of the best Gamer sites on the web, and two very special and awesome Podcasts ;-) - Thanks.

fredag den 6. juli 2012

tirsdag den 26. juni 2012

søndag den 24. juni 2012

mandag den 18. juni 2012

Gæt en sang 2

Yeah just something in danish, but here we go : Guess a song, an its an englisg song ;-)

lørdag den 16. juni 2012

Demon Hunter

A character from Diablo 3, my wife is playing and the game looks awesome ;-) 

tirsdag den 12. juni 2012

fredag den 11. maj 2012

Cute Dragon

What can i say, its one of those ...i just wanna draw something - thingy things ;-)

torsdag den 10. maj 2012


Soo there is a story behind this drawing, but im just not going to tell it ;-)

fredag den 2. marts 2012

1/2 elephant & 1/2 skunks

Here we go again, im still going through the list of animals that would be cool to mix !!

lørdag den 25. februar 2012


Another one, of  "what kind of animals would be cool together! ", I think that the next one will have a different art style, since that was also part of the idear behind this series ;-)

torsdag den 23. februar 2012

onsdag den 11. januar 2012