søndag den 31. maj 2009

Highway to Heaven.


All roads leads somewhere, a few may even lead to Heaven ;-)

lørdag den 30. maj 2009

Fun with chinese food.


Just some strange random fun, i dont remenber the idear, the thought or anything about where it came from...but here it is *S*

fredag den 22. maj 2009

Diplomacy course 101

Sooo its late nigt, and my wife wants me to go to bed, ...and i think that a have to obey very soon !

onsdag den 20. maj 2009

Hard working Me...

Just a little fun for my self, soo ... its danish, but im going back to english again *S*

søndag den 10. maj 2009

Jesus he know me...

I don`t know...;-)
Could be me, talking a lot, and not listning... well, sometimes ;-)

søndag den 3. maj 2009

A Pirate Church.

Yes, I am going in a chuch my self, but i still wanted to make a little fun of it, or see it as an advise, as how to get more people to come to church ;-)