fredag den 19. juni 2009

Cyborg in non-technic-color = white

So what is this ?, Let me just say it, I hate coloring, because i suck at it, but if you like, plase slap some color on it, and mail it ti me ;-)

torsdag den 18. juni 2009

Every day christianity

Something...hmmm, well something, about having to remember christianity in the break from after church, untill church again.

fredag den 12. juni 2009

Financial Crisis in hell.

I think this Financial Crisis thing, is spreading ;-)

onsdag den 10. juni 2009

Elver girl, Something with color...

Soo, just trying to do something with a little color, but ....i dont know what to think !! , not that funny, but if you have something to say about coloring digital, your welcome to comment !